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KZ AZ10 - TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hooks

KZ AZ10 - TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hooks

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Carry out wireless Hi-Fi to the end

There are also new wireless options for your earphones! KZ AZ10 uses a 0.75mm interface, making the switchable earphones instantly turn into HIFI true wireless earphones! Lightweight wearing experience, free Hi-Fi, bringing high-definition sound quality.

Three Power Modes

Full power mode:

Press the left ear hooks button three times to turn on the full power mode.
Turn on the full power mode to improve sound quality and better bass performance.

High-performance mode:

Press the right ear hooks button three times to turn on the game mode.
Turn on the game mode. The delay is as low as 40ms, bringing a better gaming experience.

Spatial audio:

After opening the game mode, press the right ear hooks three times. Simulate the multi-channel sound effects to create a strong sense of space.

Audio and video synchronization

Born for game

Game AAC encoding, the delay is as low as 40ms, professional analysis of the game background footsteps, guns, bullets, and other frequency response distribution. Make players immersive and enjoy the immersive gaming experience.

Bluetooth chip 5.2

Not only fast but also stable

Among many wireless audio accessories, the configuration of KZ AZ10 is particularly prominent. The newly upgraded 5.2 version can reduce distortion in sound quality transmission and is more comfortable when driving high-end earphones. Effectively improve the background noise, enhance the dynamic and signal-to-noise ratio, and perform better in music.

Small design, large capacity

HD Bluetooth wireless

To provide a longer battery life, we designed a large cavity charging case for KZ AZ10. It can accommodate more sizes of earphones and ear hooks simultaneously, which is more convenient to operate. The battery has a built-in 800mAh battery, providing you with up to 54 hours of battery life.


Hi-Fi experience

A large part of the sound quality of wireless audio products comes from whether the amount of audio information transmitted is sufficient. KZ AZ10 provides AAC/SBC lossless wireless audio transmission, and the amount of data is twice that of the standard format. At the same time, the sound quality of the AAC format has been optimized. Make it have low latency, high sound quality, high performance.

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