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Phanteks XT 523 P2 Deluxe - ATX Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case

Phanteks XT 523 P2 Deluxe - ATX Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case

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This Phanteks XT523  P2 tempered glass side panel ATX computer case has good heat dissipation performance and easy installation. The case adopts a 360-degree water cooling position design, which can meet the heat dissipation requirements of high-performance hardware and protect the stable operation of internal hardware. At the same time, the case also has a dual dustproof function, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the case and extend the service life of the hardware.

This case also features a convenient disassembly and assembly design, which makes it easy for users to replace hardware or clean the inside of the case. In addition, the case also has a convenient front interface layout, which makes it easy for users to connect external devices and improve the user experience.

If you are looking for a computer case with excellent performance and reasonable price, then this Phanteks XT523 ATX computer case is definitely your best choice. 

The XT523 P2 adopts double dust protection: 1mm one-piece punching on the front panel + magnetic fan dust net, supports 10×120mm fan or 6×140mm fan installation, and is equipped with 3.5mm, Type-C, and USB 3.0 interfaces on the top ; supports EATX, ATX motherboard back insertion, and multiple hard disk installation: 2×HDD+3×SSD or 5×SSD

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