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KZ ZVX - Single Dynamic Driver Earphones 1DD IEM

KZ ZVX - Single Dynamic Driver Earphones 1DD IEM

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  • 10MM DOUBLE CHAMBER HYPERLINEAR DYNAMIC DRIVER - we wish that people of all income groups around the world can enjoy HiFi music, and we make it. Different from the type driver used in famous earbuds, we have made many breakthrough innovations on it.
  • KZ electronic crossover technology is more accurate, less bass loss - we can integrate and accurately control from ultra-bass - bass - mid - treble - ultra-treble by kz's new electronic crossover technology, and can achieve any curve style in a single dynamic driver headset. (this adjustment mode is completely different from the eq setting, because it does not belong to the software sound adjustment, so there is almost no sound loss.
  • 4.8 Micron thick diaphragm, four layers of voice coil  - KZ ZVX in-ear headphones earphone using a diaphragm with a thickness of about 4.8 microns, which significantly reduces the weight and improves the vibration sensitivity without losing any details. The four layers of voice coil is used, reducing the magnetic gap from about 0.3mm to about 0.15mm. The performance has been greatly improved, especially bass response. compared with double-layer voice coil dynamic driver, the bass diving depth, strength and elasticity is significantly better.
  • Aesthetic design, exquisite craft - the KZ ZVX earbuds headphones are in aesthetics and ergonomic. all metal shell and cnc processing technology , in accordance with the light luxury jewelry process. From die casting to cnc machining to sanding - polishing - electroplating - laser and so on, each step is carefully crafted and screened to ensure that the appearance is aesthetic.
  • Detachable design, 0.75mm ofc wire - KZ ZVX IEM earphones is equipped with hifi-grade high purity oxygen free copper dual parallel wire, anti-pulling, untangled, signal transmission less loss, detachable cable design allows you to freely match headphones wire according to your preference, enjoy more styles of pop music.

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