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HDMI Splitter Cable - HDMI male to 2 female HDMI

HDMI Splitter Cable - HDMI male to 2 female HDMI

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  • This HDMI splitter cable is great for connecting one HDMI compatible device (Xbox, Blu-ray, DVD players, for PS3) to two visual output devises (such as, HDTV, Monitor, etc.)
  • Function - It takes a signal from one device such as a Blu-ray player and will direct to one of two output devices that are plugged into it.
  • This product can operate as a signal router, you may have a TV in two separate rooms, you can have a TV on in one room and when you want to switch room and keep watching the TV, you just need to switch one TV off and switch the other TV on, and then the signal is routed to the TV in the other room.
  • Support 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. Does not support hdcp and MacBook. Does not work on TV box/cable box (e.g. Roku, apple TV box, etc.)
  • Please Note - ONLY 1 output device can be active at any time. UNLESS both TVs are of the same size, then both TV will show the images when connected.

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