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FIFINE AMPLIGAME SC3 - Gaming Audio Mixer with XLR

FIFINE AMPLIGAME SC3 - Gaming Audio Mixer with XLR

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  • XLR Mic Input - The gaming audio mixer provides XLR microphone input connection, which is great to up your audio quality with your XLR setup. The XLR mixer is a stepping stone to upgrade your live streaming. Audio mixer offered built-in 48V phantom power which opens up more choices for mics. Directly use it with your condenser microphone but do not deal with added peripherals.
  • Individual Channel Control - Smooth volume slider fader take your streaming recording to a whole new level with full pleasure. Four independent channels set on the DJ mixer give audio volume of the MICROPHONE, LINE IN, HEADPHONE, and LINE OUT channels individual control. Configurable on the PC audio mixer instead of just operating on your game or streaming software.
  • Mute and Monitor - The front mute and monitor buttons but not at the back, make it easier to get the audio interface use. Ability to mute audio, the audio mixer for streaming prevents background noise from damaging your live broadcast. Real-time feedback between speaking and hearing will not distract your attention, which encourage you to speak more confidently.
  • Sound Effects - The sound mixer supports four pre-recorded customized button that can be recorded and activated at the press of button to save more time post production. 6 kinds of voice changing modes change your output style. 12-auto tune changes the tone of your voice. The podcast mixer being able to add different and fun effects is a huge bonus for your streaming or game voice.
  • Controllable Vibrant RGB - RGB button on the audio mixer DJ meets different live streaming themes. Lights on the video mixer is vibrant but not harsh on your eyes. Flowing or frozen RGB color rotation in a decent pace presents a greatly strong impression as a "light show" to your audience. Even a streaming equipment accessory will not be dull looking when video production.
  • Easy Use for More Scenes - The streamer setup mixer features easy and intuitive audio port, which support two PC settings or audio mixing, able to physically balance music, game or other audio settings. Plug 'n play solution works well with Mac OS/Windows. The DJ mixer for beginners brings breadth to live streaming on OBS, online chat on Twitch, YouTube/ Tiktok video creation.

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