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AIGO Xingcanlan - microATX Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case

AIGO Xingcanlan - microATX Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case

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lXingcanlan chassis suitable for M-ATX / ITX motherboards, the size is about 455.8x235x430mm.

The case features no A-pillar design,Can display the inside of the case at 270°;The top cover, panel, left side panel, and right side panel of the chassis adopt a three-dimensional quick-release design, which supports six pieces of inkjet MOD disassembly; the top cover, bottom and side panels have fully covered cooling holes to help dissipate heat.

The inside of the chassis supports air-cooled radiators up to 170mm, and supports integrated liquid-cooled radiators of 360mm, 280mm, and 240mm. If you want to install a chassis fan, the top cover of the chassis supports 3 120mm or 2 140mm fans; the rear panel supports 1 120mm fan; the power partition supports 3 120mm fans; the motherboard supports 2 120mm fans. The chassis is compatible with graphics cards up to 390mm long, and is equipped with 5 graphics card slot blanks.

The inside of the chassis is compatible with 270mm (with wire) or 390mm (without hard disk compartment, with wire) power supply; compatible with up to 2 mechanical hard drives and 2 solid state drives; the interior is equipped with a 30mm space for the back line. In terms of interfaces, the chassis is equipped with USB-C, USB-A, and 3.5mm headphone jacks.

At present, the Patriot Xing Canlan chassis has been pre-sold on the e-commerce platform, black and white two-color options,The price is 349 yuan interested IT home partners can go to check.

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