KZ ZEX - Hybrid Dual Driver Earphones Electrostatic+1DD IEM


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  • Electrostatic + Dynamic Hybrid Technology :  The 6.8mm low-voltage electrostatic unit and the 10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit cooperate, bursting out shocking detailed analysis and the super cool listening atmosphere.

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship And Aesthetics : The KZ ZEX's body is cast zinc alloy, and imported resin is entirely natural, almost seamless. Polish the appearance repeatedly until it is incredible at a glance. The distinctive streamline design presents special optical effects.

  • Freely Upgrade To Bluetooth Earphones : The 0.75mm gold-plated pin effectively prolongs the service life and adapts to a variety of standard 2-Pin upgrade cables. Free combination, start the fun of product upgrades.

    * Upgrade cable needs to be purchased.

  • Ergonomic Design : The cavity contour designed in combination with the big data of the auricle and the ear canal and the delicate and smooth surface treatment bring a comfortable wearing experience for the listener.

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